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Annyeonghaseyo! KimChi imida. You are now in my Kawaii land. I'm a SPM victim. Aaaahh! Study! Blogger! Noo! #Oops! Don't forget to click that navi's ok. By the way, thanks for visit here. Sa Rang Hae Princess(es) online


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Wut iz thiz porn? *u* -source-

Assalamualaikum & hiyeoms !

 I'm going to update a new entry again for today. Obviously I'm bored and had nothing to do. But firstly, thanks to YEOLO'S WAIFU , Pika eonnie for tag me ^^ In fact, she already tagged me long looooong time ago. I'm sorry for not joining this sooner. A little lazy Oh well, here it goes :

Questions :

The first kpop group you know and you like.
The first kpop group I know is SNSD. The first kpop group I like is B2ST :)

The first kpop song you heard.
SNSD - Gee

What is your ultimate fandom you're into? ( Max 2 )
Whaaaaat...only two? I got so many ultimate fandom. I cannot left them out . B2uty Inspirit ( plus Exotic ) *u*

Your first bias that she/he no longer yours.
Lee Gi Kwang aka Awang T_____T

Your ultimate bias? PICK ONLY ONE.
If I have to pick one...*cover D.O eyes/ears* it's Sungyeol oppar. Shoot. Screw this. I love my YeolSoo :3

Do you like K-Drama or Variety Show? If you do list it.
Both. My fav kdramas are BOF, He's Beautiful, Shut up! Flower Boy Band & etcetc. My all time favorite variety show is RUNNING MAN! And also KBS Hello Baby :3

Do you ever buy or go to their concert or fanmeeting? If you ever, upload the pictures :)
Not...yet. Demm my life sucks. *u*

Currently you listening to what kpop song?
Forever replaying INFINITE - The Chaser, WG - Hey Boy & BigBang - Monster :3

Girl group do you hate the most.
Nope. Just acquaintance :P

Girl group do you like the most.

Your boyfriend name (I mean you assume your bias as your boyfriend).
Do Kyungsoo / D.O / Dollah . Sungyeol is my husbandeu

Currently dating with.
Do I have to say it again? SYEDLLAH haha :P
I'm dating with Sungyeol on public and date D.O secretly ~ boohoo you jellos?

The kpop song you hate.
I don't know. I love sick songs xD

Do you ever think that you want to marry your bias.
Psst. We already did. lol jokeeee . Ermm sometimes.. RLAB

Why do you love kpop.
What an obvious question. I love kpop because of their music. Yep. I fell in love with their music/vocals/dance/mv/appearance. It's fxin cool man ! Not to mention they are too handsome & beautiful *u* Not only pretty face, they are pretty talented too. KPOP is a lot different compare to other nation songs . So It doesn't really bore me with their 'uniqueness'. Nevertheless, I love kpop. Need anymore to say?

Do you have a friend or someone you know that hate kpop?
Not a friend but an enemy . You hate kpop? Go eat karipap -.-

Does your boyfriend / girlfriend get jealous with your bias?
Syed is jelly becuz of Dollah. Actually both of them are jellos. Both of them are 'madu' keke xD //lol-ignore-my-nuisance. #foreveralone.

The kpop song you often play?
SHINee - Replay. Seriously this song is creeping my life. Never gets bored of this song :3

Your bias list? ( Max 5 ).
Sungyeol, D.O , Hyuna , Namjoo & Sungjae <3

Since when you fall in love with your ultimate bias?
Since I watch INFINITE Sesame Player .

Why you love him/her ?
I love my bias(es) because of a number of reasons which I cannot tell you //troll. I guess our hearts connected? *cewahh

Does he has a scandal or ideal type girl?
Man are man. They are vicious casanova living things -.- lol. *lari tajuk* Sungyeol likes girls. Thank god I'm a girl. bwahaha

Your favorite dance from kpop group?
Hard to choose... T-ara - Lovey Dovey , B2ST - Soom / Fiction :D

Your bias sexy/hot picture *LOL*.
Why...I love this question. But lemme warn you, DO NOT TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME. AND PLEASE CLOSE YOUR EYES IF YOU ARE UNDER 15 YR OLD XD


Sungyeol is taken...Sungyeol is taken...Sungyeol is taken...

Which kpop blog you like to view the most? Blogger instead Tumblr.
Aera sshi blog is jjang! I like to creep in her blog *u*

Write a word for your favorite group or idol.
"Ermm hi there, oppas. *omo this is awkward* I know you won't read this but I want to thank you for being my heart. You brighten up my life everyday. I'll cherish our moments together. And I'll forever be your fan as a Inspirit and a Yeolliepop :3 Choding-ah eat a lot! Your chubby cheeks are gone ;~; "

"Dollah sshi...please don't be mad at me and yeol. You know I love both of you guys. Don't lose your precious smile. Be only number ONE Fighting!"

Write a word for your bias.
Hi, I'm in love with you *winkwink*

Ok done for today tagging game! Now I want to tag Aera sshi , InspiritHoBaby , Lauren Kim , Nad Kpop , nanisuju & Jiaa :3 

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