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// EXO D-4 : Your ultimate bias from EXO Wednesday, June 6, 2012 | 4:31 PM | 0 comments

Heeeeeeeyyyyy shexii ~

Assalamualaikum & hiyeoms ~

 It's already D-4 ! I can't wait to finish all the challenges. //penat menaip kott. Actually, today I shouldn't be updating because there's a copycat. Yeah you heard it right, my first ever copycat. She opened my page source and copy  e v e r y t h i n g. She didn't even credit me at least. But whatever, I'll let it slide *since she is muuuuch younger than me & not to mention a noob* ._. But next time, if I saw one sickening copycats, she/he's dead. I'm warning you. You better not mess with me or I will let Yeollie oppa put vinegar in your food and doodle your face while you were sleeping. Okay, the second one is creepy. Nonetheless, DO. NOT. OPEN. MY. PAGE. SOURCE. EVER!!

 Today post in going to be long. I'm warning ya. Now back to the challenge.

My ultimate bias from EXO is no other than ...

cr. woo___小龙please do not edit!! 




Here are some D.O's facts I found :

  • D.O has a habit to crack his knuckles.
  • D.O has an interests in becoming a chef.
  • D.O once want to be a hairstylist. But no one in EXO-K wants D.O as their hairstylist.
  • D.O is the cleanest member and he gives the impression of neat & tidy.
  • D.O was a kid ulzzang.
  • D.O specialties/hobbies are singing & beatboxing.
  • D.O likes to put a 'Heart' instead of Emoticon.
  • D.O is the most 4D among the members.
  • D.O is the "YORIWANG" means the King Of Cooking.
  • D.O's favorite food is spaghetti.
  • D.O is known as the center child in EXO-K.
  • D.O have been a trainee for 2 years.
  • D.O is close to BEAST'S Doojoon.
  • D.O has a cute mole under his right collarbone.
  • D.O is taken by Syasya

asdfghjkl. the last one is so true. I APPROVE! haha xD Ok nw let's move on to the reason, why I choose him as my ultimate bias in EXO. 

sleeping angel :3

 Firstly, his sexual angelic voice that kills my inside. You will get eargasm by just hearing his voice *u* My sweet lullaby  ~ 

 Second, his appearance that makes me go gaga over him. That baby face fools everyone. I thought he was the maknae ._. He is too cute to be 20. That big round doe eyes & his luscious lips drives me crazy. I wonder what his lips taste like.. His O_O expression is priceless yet cuteee. He doesn't need to do aegyo cuz he is! Other than being total cutie pie 24/7 , his charisma burn me on stage. D.O looks very handsome when he is serious. One look from him and BANG! you dead. 

 Third, his 4D personality. I'm in love with a derp. He is a very shy guy. D.O has this innocent and pure image. Everything he do is just pure cuteness. It's a sin to think dirty about this guy. He looks like a mama's boy to me. lol. I guess this is why many noonas love him. My sweet dorky angel :3 

 And lastly, his smile. asdfghjkl it's possible for a virgin to get pregnant. //RLAB. When he smiles, his lips will curved like a heart shape. That chubby cheeks, I wish I could pinch them ;~; There's a number of reasons why I love him. kyaah. Just Everything ! I like everything about him from head to toe. keke. I think I'm love with my DOLLAH . fufufu his mine gurlz, get another man but not him ! :P

*flip every tables* omg u are such a tease *u*

Pic creds : & pandakyungsoo.t.c

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