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 Today is the first day I start the EXO challenge . So here it go :

Day 1 : Your favorite teaser

Awww must choose only 1? It's hard to choose 1 out of 23 teasers ._. Seriously SM , stop teasing us. I really like Tao's teaser . The teaser num. 15. Oh damn his kungfu is awesome. Then again, I also like teaser num. 13 & 14 ! The one that Sehun & Kai sexy dance in What is Love :3 Ok, basically I like all of the teasers. Most of it got I HAD to remove Kai ._______. becuz his dance is way too fqin sexy for me to breathe.

 So currently my favorite teaser is . . .

Hahaha! I know this teaser doesn't list in EXO's songs. But the piano melody is so soothing and nice. *plus there's D.O & Suho in it. You know what I mean?? *wriggle brows* D.O omma & Suho appa <3

 This video looks like a korean drama . A romance tragedy drama between D.O & Suho. The storyline is about a young couple falling in love but one day, things started to change as they're forbidden to be together, to be in love. They knew they are different as they represent water & earth which both can't be together. They separated & never see each other.

 After years passed, D.O and Suho have their own lives. D.O are happily living with his fiance` , Kai while Suho is a Geothermal scientist. But one day, D.O went to the old field where he & his old soulmate played kite. O_O he saw Suho. Both of them flabbergasted with the unexpected meeting. Truthfully, both of them still have feelings with each other. They both gaze in each other's eyes with admiring look...until then, tears flowed out. They knew the situation will get even worse with Kai as D.O's fiance`. And the new love triangle is formed.


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