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will buy this soon ;A;

Assalamualaikum & hi-yeoms,

 *Mood dalam dilema* hurrrrr this year is the suckiest year evaaar. Wae am I 15 this year? I want to be 13 again!! *flips car* This week is exam year. Which mean I have to marry my books. Ugh. I hate you book. I hate you exam. I hate yoooooou ehh ehhh I'm fine living without chu.  Punyalah determine sangat buat azam sendiri tapi tak ikut pun -.- tsktsk.

 Tadi exam maths & Sejarah. Lega dah abes exam math. But nak amik results susah hati. And histowee... did I ever tell you that I suck at History too? No? Well I tell you now. I suck at it. Iskk brain wae you no work like Einstein ? OTL. Me & my fangirling heart never dies. Tak abes-abes hadap laptop. Memang patut kena bebel ngan mama ._. no offense mom, your dear daughter is really lazy! mian .

 Close the situation. Now let's spazz. Petang tadi, asyik usha-usha tgk EXO @ DisneyLand fancams. yes, FANCAMS. My heart ache so much. Gila Jelly dowh. My OT12 pergi DisneyLand. Tak ajak aku pulak tuh ._. //forever sedeyh. Memang banyak picture / fancams aku jumpa dekat fb. Kenaper aku tak ada kat sana? T___T *cuz I'm living in the deepest & darkest hole on the other side of the world* dem lah.

I was like this in front of my laptop.
 Pastu ada satu video nih... D.O amik gambar dengan staff disney tuh. asdfghjkl. Asal comel sangat? Kenapa taknak amik gambar dengan saya? *le cries* Members lain dok sabar je. xD Mianhae for my boyfriend's behalf. kkk

 Last ceritew.. This Friday ada Hari Belia kan? Ukiss, Teen Top & Dal Shabet ada!! Block B kemungkinan ada kot. AHHH nak pergi !! Free showcase pulak tu! Nak jumpa UKISS especially . . . *dot dot* XD ntah, I wanna see them all . ugh. Wae am I not illegal yet? I want my own driving license. //RLAB.

K bye-yeom. I will keep whining to my parents to take me there. ;A;

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