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// EXO D-2 : Your bias from EXO M Monday, May 28, 2012 | 5:16 PM | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum & hiyeomiess ~ Without wasting le preshus time.


Kaayyy. My bias from EXO-M?? Honestly I don't know. All of them are handsome & cute. I'm getting dizzy to pick one *scoff* But I'll set my heart for . . .

sex-stare. BOOM! pregnant :P

Kitty-Kris :3



He looks like he bottoms, but when he raps he makes it very clear that he tops. 

Seems like you haven’t met his fabulous bitch face yet. Even the fangirls are afraid to attack him.    
kris-sshi, you better save that lucious lips for me. ACK!!


 WUFAN WAE YOU SHO HAWT?! I HATE YOU ---> bewildered for love. haha. I know most EXOTICS choose Kris & Luhan right? Diorang ni ramai fans. And so the others. Xiupao, Taoco, Chendol, Laychips <3 hahaha. Semua nama makanan ._. lapar la pulak. grururururu ~

 Kris's gaze can kill noonas & also pedos out there. lol. That sexy smirk of him ;A; urghh sssstop teasing us!! or I will throw angry bird at you. That sexy deep voice of his makes girls swoon over him. asdfghjkl eargasm. I could drown in his voice.

k that's all for today. I don't wanna fall for him deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep more. otherwise I'll be cheating on 'him'. bye-yeom.

Creds : pictures from tumblr

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