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Chukkahae Infinite!! Don't cry Dongwoo oppa & Woohyun oppa :')

Assalamualaikum & hi-yeoms!!

 AAAAAAAAAAH! <--- still in fangirl mode on. INFINITE MENANGGGG ~ *screams* First win on M!Countdown then 2nd win on Music Bank ^^ Kyaa I'm so proud of them. My OT7. Hopefully they will win on music core or other music shows :3 Cannot wait to trend #INFINITIZE3rdWIN next week *hopefully*

 Tadi music bank, daaaaebak! Teen Top comeback stage. 'To You' is my new addiction. Seriously the song stuck in my head ~ Better than 'Going Crazy' #myopinionlarr :) THE DANCE! That waveee . The jacket/shoulder dance thingy >___< so cool.

 Don't forget about MYNAME too! Their new song is ok... Hello and Goodbye ~ my YONGYONG ! haha. Gunwoo looks like Heechul. And he also look like Jasper in Twilight (bwoh?) haaa pelik aku -_- Ah! Lagu ukiss baru 'Te amo' pon best jugak! But they didn't perform it live :/

 Errr lagi apa eh?? Tu ja kot? lol. *short-term memory lost* Ahh you don't know how much I spazz when the MCs announce the winner. Memang da agak Infinite akan menang pun. Saja je over, jerit sini jerit sana. I'm sorry for pissing my family today. hahaha. Well you must know, I'm a one crazy Inspirit :P It's hard to control my fangirl needs ok? hohoho. I felt like crying when they cried. But the tears won't come out. *cough* Aaah Syed I luv youuuu <3 I also miss Dollah :/

 Look at what the members tweet :')

Woohyun : Inspirits .. I love you .. a lot ..
(A/N : Namgrease...I love you too )

Sungyeol : Today is really happy day, Inspirits I love you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  times infinite
(A/N : Sungyeol I love you even more ;A; )

L : Ah daebak infinite daebak inspirits are really daebak. I can't realize it, I love you
(A/N : Infinite&Inspirits are daebak!! Forever proud inspirit :3 )

Hoya : We will work hard to go even higher, inspirits I sincerely thank you
(A/N : I'll always support you and gives much much muuuuch love )


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