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kyeopta > 3 <

Assalammualaikum & annyeonghatheyoooo ~

 New . skin . again ._. My previous skin won't last long even for a week. lol. Ah before I carry on the main title, I'll write about my Raya. Firstly, Raya this year isn't fun as last year *sobs* We didn't go 'beraya' except for my cousins & grannies house. My family only beraya in KL & JB. We stay in JB for a week, doing nothing. lmao. And for a week, I online. It was really boring to be honest, because not many online T___T and we didn't play any firecrackers ! * that suppose to be a good thing but idk why I felt like this * So we only watch the neighbors play instead. -_-

 Now for the main title. Things to do after PMR. I already plan it too early. But anywaaaays...

1. Learn to play piano / keyboard
Blehh... I don't even own one. Not yet... But I want one! I'm so envious seeing people playing my fav music instrument. To me, they are so cool and classy. There this one time when my family go visit to my father cousin's house, they have a piano. Their daughter plays 'Fiction' by B2ST. It was so so so so beautiful! I felt like a pudding.

2. Write fanfiction / stories
THIS. I want to do it so bad but because of PMR, I don't have the time to write drafts or online. Plus, my grammar isn't good either. What about malay? ohmyyy no need to ask about it. My malay is ten times awful than my english :/ For now, I'll just do oneshots only. Please wait for next year :)

3. Learn to take&edit pictures
I don't even have my own camera...but my family has two. So I'll just lend it XD and maybe I should buy one for myself. Pink hello kitty polaroid juseyo ~~ *pleading eyes*

4. Collect K-pop merchandise
Currently progressing :) the money is the problem -.-

5. Vacation with my BFFs
HAH! Ina said she want to take me & my other BFFs go for a vacation in Pulau Pinang. Entah lor jadi ke tak .___.

6. Shop shop shop & shop !
Well hey! How manly I am, I'm still a girl. Girl shops too :P Although I'm not really craze about it. I will buy purple things starting for now on. Thanks to LEE HOWON, I got attached to purple. Plus, I will also buy kawaii & pink stuff! Never forget PINK :P

7. Drawing & Doodling
My doodle sucks. But I'll try my best to do better !

8. Marry bias is not an option

Kkeu. There's many more which I don't really know what to list XD

Hot 1 minute and then being a adorkable derp ;u;

Oh and I think I'm losing my faith to Sungyeol o_o D.O is seducing meh how can't I love him?! /flails/

School is starting. Must study now @_@

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